Find out all pros and cons of Pentax KP camera easily with the list of full specification. Pay attention to such specs as iso, sensor, weight and battery life. This info will help you to decide if it is really a right decision to buy Pentax KP online or it will be better to look for similar cameras. To select the best deal use the list of the offers from Amazon and Ebay for new and used Pentax KP with price.

Pentax KP prices and specs

Pentax KP
Pentax KP price and images.Pentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KP
Pentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KPPentax KP
Effective pixels
24 megapixels
Sensor size
APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)
Screen size
Battery Life (CIPA)

The Pentax KP was released on Jan 2017. For now the cheapest price for the device is $1,094.99.

The Pentax KP belongs to the category of DSLR (Digital Single Reflex) cameras what means that the KP produces pictures of better quality and has dozens of taking pictures options.

The Pentax KP can take photos at 24 megapixels highest resolution. But if you want to get better picture quality the more important thing is a sensor size. This camera has a APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm) sensor that will allow you to shoot great photos and still the camera has not very big dimensions and weight. But if you want to produce photos of the professional quality check Leica M10.

The Pentax KP has max shutter speed of 1/6000 sec. This shutter speed is above average for digital cameras and is very good for shooting fast moving people. The Pentax KP has tilting LCD that will let you to shoot photos from any interesting angle very simple. The Pentax KP is an interchangeable and uses Pentax KAF2 lens mount. If the scene demands special photography conditions, you can change lens to a more suitable to capture the best quality pictures.

Also this model has Wi-Fi which means that the KP owner can use the phone or tablet for remote control for example. The Pentax KP battery life will be enough to shoot approximately 390 photos.

  • launch

  • Body type

  • Sensor

  • Photography features

  • Screen & Viewfinder

  • Video Recording

  • Lens & Focus

  • Physical & Battery

  • Storage

  • Connectivity

  • features

  • launch

  • Announced

  • Body type

  • Camera subcategory

  • Sensor

  • Effective pixels

  • Max resolution

  • Sensor size

  • Sensor type

  • Processor

  • Image ratio w:h

  • Other resolutions

  • Sensor photo detectors

  • ISO

  • White balance presets

  • Custom white balance

  • Image stabilization

  • Image stabilization notes

  • Uncompressed format

  • JPEG quality levels

  • Photography features

  • Minimum shutter speed

  • Maximum shutter speed

  • Maximum shutter speed (electronic)

  • Aperture priority

  • Shutter priority

  • Manual exposure mode

  • Built-in flash

  • Flash range

  • External flash

  • Flash modes

  • Continuous drive

  • Self-timer

  • Metering modes

  • Exposure compensation

  • AE Bracketing

  • WB Bracketing

  • Screen & Viewfinder

  • Articulated LCD

  • Screen size

  • Screen dots

  • Touch screen

  • Screen type

  • Live view

  • Viewfinder type

  • Viewfinder coverage

  • Viewfinder magnification

  • Video Recording

  • File Format

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

  • Lens & Focus

  • Autofocus

  • Manual focus

  • Number of focus points

  • Lens mount

  • Focal length multiplier

  • Physical & Battery

  • Weight (inc. batteries)

  • Dimensions

  • Environmentally sealed

  • Battery

  • Battery details

  • Battery Life (CIPA)

  • Storage

  • Storage types

  • Connectivity

  • USB

  • HDMI

  • Microphone port

  • Headphone port

  • Wireless

  • Wireless notes

  • Remote control

  • features

  • Orientation sensor

  • Timelapse recording

  • GPS

  • GPS notes

  • Jan 2017
  • Mid-size SLR
  • 24 megapixels
  • 6016 x 4000
  • APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm)
  • CMOS
  • 3:2
  • 4608 x 3072, 3072 x 2048, 1920 x 1280
  • 25 megapixels
  • Auto, 100-819200
  • 9
  • Yes (3 slots)
  • Sensor-shift
  • 5-axis, up to 5 stops
  • RAW
  • Best, better, good
  • 30 sec
  • 1/6000 sec
  • 1/24000 sec
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 6.00 m (at ISO 100)
  • Yes (via hot shoe)
  • Auto, auto w/redeye reduction, flash on w/redeye reduction, slow sync, trailing curtain sync, manual, wireless
  • 7.0 fps
  • Yes (2 or 12 secs)
    • Multi
    • Center-weighted
    • Spot
  • ±5 (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps)
  • ±5 (2, 3, 5 frames )
  • Yes
  • Tilting
  • 3
  • 921,000
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Optical (pentaprism)
  • 100%
  • 0.95×
  • MPEG-4, H.264
  • Stereo
  • Mono
    • Contrast Detect (sensor)
    • Multi-area
    • Center
    • Selective single-point
    • Tracking
    • Single
    • Continuous
    • Touch
    • Face Detection
    • Live View
  • Yes
  • 27
  • Pentax KAF2
  • 1.5×
  • 703 g (1.55 lb / 24.80 oz)
  • 132 x 101 x 76 mm (5.2 x 3.98 x 2.99)
  • Yes
  • Battery Pack
  • D-LI109 lithium-ion battery & charger
  • 390
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-I supported)
  • USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
  • No (requires SlimPort adapter)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Built-In
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Yes (via remote cable or smartphone)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Optional
  • O-GPS1

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Rating 8.66 from 10

  • Joshua Waller
    9 from 10
    Pentax KP Review Joshua Waller, 2017-03-16

    The Pentax KP is a Digital SLR that doesn't stick to the usual rules of DSLR design, giving you the choice of a handgrip, as well as customisation of the third control wheel on top of the camera. This gives the camera the feel of a serious Digital SLR, however, there will be those that miss some of the more advanced features expected at this price point. For example, there is only one SD card slot, and there is no flash-sync socket. The battery life of the KP is also shorter than other DSLRs, with the K-3 II offering 720 shots compared to the KP's 390 shots.

    If you're a previous Pentax DSLR shooter looking for the next upgrade then the Pentax KP will definitely appeal. If we look at the alternative DSLRs available, then the KP has a number of unique and innovative features, including 5-axis image stabilisation, pixel shift resolution, a tilting screen, and a removable grip, to name just a few of them. There are numerous external controls and dials, along with the ability to customise the camera so that it's setup up how you want it.

    Whilst the high ISO setting of ISO819200 is one of the marketing points of the camera, we wouldn't actually recommend anyone use this setting, as the results are simply awful looking images. However, noise performance is excellent at lower ISO settings, and you can even get usable images at high ISO settings up to ISO25600, and potentially ISO51200, depending on your intended use.

    The Pentax KP offers an alternative design compared to the standard DSLR, letting you customise it to suit you. The KP offers impressive features not found on other cameras, as well as exceptional image quality. For these reasons we think the Pentax KP is well worth your attention.

    Pentax KP Pros

    + Excellent image quality

    + Numerous external controls

    + Grip can be customised to taste

    + Good noise performance

    + 5-axis image stabilisation

    + Pixel Shift Resolution

    + AdobeDNG raw support

    + Dual-axis electronic level

    + Built-in Wi-Fi

    Pentax KP Cons

    - Slow live view focus and shutter response

    - Buffer small (8 raw)

    - Battery life quite short

    - Central focus points

    - Not the best for video

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  • Mark Goldstein
    9 from 10
    Pentax KP Review Mark Goldstein, 2017-03-16

    Coming on like a K-1 that's been shrunk in the wash, the Pentax KP inherits lots of its big brother's key features in a smaller, lighter and cheaper package. We particularly like the easily removable hand-grip, especially as the three different sizes are all included in the box - why has no-one thought of this before? Crucially the KP doesn't skimp on image quality, either, although the headline-grabbing top ISO speed 819,200 proves to be more than a little ambitious.

    In terms of other negative points, the battery life isn't the greatest, especially compared to the K-3 II model that this new camera effectively replaces, live view is still a pain to use for moving subjects, it's a shame that the LCD screen doesn't tilt to the side, there's no 4K video or even an HDMI port (!), and the buffer depth for the 7fps burst shooting is too small if you want to shoot Raw files.

    All in all, though, Pentax continue to think outside of the box with the new KP, resulting in a very small and very customisable camera that delivers a lot of performance and image quality. Highly recommended!

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  • Samuel Spencer
    8 from 10
    Pentax KP Review Samuel Spencer, 2018-05-07
    • Excellent high ISO performance in both Raw and JPEG
    • Solid 'SR II' in-body image stabilization system
    • Changeable grips allow users to find their optimal balance of comfort and style
    • Small overall dimensions
    • Fantastic control layout and customizability
    • Exceptional build quality and weather-sealing
    • AF system is sub-par, AF-C is un-dependable
    • Poor battery life
    • Noise reduction in Raw
    • Mushy default JPEGs
    • Heavy for its size
    • Burst rate and battery life don't match the K-3 II

    In many ways the Pentax KP reminds us of the Olympus PEN-F. It offers a step forward in image quality, and manages to be a stylish, well-made object of desire that may be worth the extra price to some.

    Also like the PEN-F, the autofocus on the KP prevents us from falling head-over-heels in love. AF-C can be downright frustrating at times, and leaves us recommending the D7200 over the KP for those interested in fast-paced shooting situations. When used within the AF system's limitations the KP's excellent sensor and IBIS provide sharpness and detail in situations where others would struggle.

    The improvements on the 'Function Dial' and incredible high ISO performance make the KP one of the best Pentax cameras, period. The slightly higher price and different ergonomics don't make it the better choice over the K-3 II for every shooter, but Pentax fans looking for the right camera to go with their favorite prime (35mm Macro anyone?) may have found it with the KP.

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