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Is Samsung’s best-ever smartphone worth the upgrade?

The S9 isn’t a radical departure from last year’s blueprint, but if you're a keen smartphone snapper then the camera improvements will be very tempting. Pair that with a noticeable performance jump and this is, no doubt, a formidable smartphone.

The only hitch is the price – and the fact that the S9 also has to compete with its own stablemate, the Galaxy S9 Plus, whose dual-camera arrangement promises even more stunning shots.

That makes it hard to wholeheartedly recommend the Galaxy S9, either as a general-purpose smartphone or as a best-in-class camera phone. There’s some impressive technology here, but Samsung needs to offer something more to justify a wallet-wilting £739.

Small tweaks and upgrades make an already excellent phone even better

Samsung already had some of the best-looking, most desirable smartphones around, so the Galaxy S9+ didn’t need to do much to continue the trend.

The biggest improvements are the camera, the processing performance and some software refinements. But, while video quality hasn’t improved dramatically, the S9+’s predecessor was already an excellent portable movie machine.

If you don’t mind a bit of oversaturation, this is one of the best phones for a Netflix binge. Sound quality is good, particularly if you upgrade from the bundled buds.

The handset’s size may put some people off, but that’s where the Galaxy S9 comes in.

Anyone with a Galaxy S8+ in their pocket won’t feel desperate to trade in for the new model – there aren’t many must-have upgrades – but if you’ve got an earlier phone, or are swapping from another brand, the S9+ is as polished and refined as Android phones currently get.